Our Philosophy and Mission

A Few Words About Us

Feel the Charm of Bygone Eras

A Hotel with Soul

The history of Łomnica Palace dates to the Middle Ages. As a noble estate, the palace was in the hands of the von Küster family from 1835 until 1945. After the end of World War II, and during the communist era, a state farm was established. During these years, the whole complex began to degrade considerably, with the Big Palace falling into ruin.

Since 1991, love for this unqiue place motivated the von Küster family to gradually rebuild and bring life to one of the most beautiful noble estates in Lower Silesia. To this day, a group of friends and heritage enthusiasts are commited to creating a hospitable place which delights visitors with it's unusual history and unique charm.

Our Mission

Living in Harmony with Nature

Our dream is to create a place where culture, history, and nature authentically unite the people who visit us with those of us who work and live here. We work tirelessly to achieve this dream. We would love for our guests to experience special moments filled with optimism, the joy of life, contentment and relaxation. And from these moments, if they also come to understand our love and enthusiasm for this special place, and even share it with us, our dream will have come true.