Unforgettable Experiences


The Karkonoszy Mountains, Jeleniogórska Valley and Janowickie Rocks, are a paradise for lovers of outdoor leisure at any time of year. Numerous trails for hiking, picturesque scenery and romantic parks for walks, cycling and mountain bike trails of varying difficulty - there is something for everyone. Popular ski resorts in Karpacz and Szklarska Poręba are very nearby, as well as Rokytnice and Cerna Hora over the border. The world-famous cross-country skiing trails in Jakuszyce are within 30km of the Palace. In our immediate vicinity, there are a great number of historical monuments - castles, palaces and churches - discover their interesting history and fascinating secrets. The on-site attractions alone provide plenty of excitement and relaxation without even leaving the confines of the estate. You can find descriptions of the most interesting routes and attactions in your room, and our amazing customer service colleagues will be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

A Wealth of Regional Products

Farm Shop and Bakery

The Farm Shop offers a wealth of regional products and handicrafts. Our palace specialities are produced on-site in our Artisan's Kitchen and take pride of place - delicious jams, healthy syrups, purees, cured sour-rye soup, traditional bigos and our famous vegetable soups. Łomnica flavours - simply delicious and ideal as a small souvenir gift. The bakery tempts with the scent of cookies and gingerbread made according to our own original recipes. We are open every day!

The Largest Linenstore in the region

The Linenstore

The Linenstore found on our manor farm, offers an exceptionally wide range of linen-related products. Over two floors, you'll find a wide assortment from the best Polish designers of linen fashion for ladies and gentlemen, beautiful table clothes and bed linen made of 100% fine linen and original linen accessories. Linen fabrics and linen cosmetics are also on offer. Visit us daily!

Cooking on a Manor Farm

Training in the Artisan's Kitchen

Nothing connects people better than cooking together! The modern yet charming Artisan's Training Kitchen, equipped by Miele, is the ideal place to organise educational activities and great fun in an unusual way - birthdays, celebrations or company meetings. The kitchen has two fully-equipped cooking stations for groups of up to 18 people. The guidance of the palace's chef and their professionalism will ensure that the preparation of even the most complicated dishes will prove simple.

Enchanted Corners


The 9-hectare park surrounding Łomnica Palace and Hotel is located along the picturesque river Bobr. The trickling water, impressive ancient trees and romantic corners and lawns invite you to stroll and relax. Loungers and benches invite you to rest in the shade of the trees. The magic of this age-old park enchants at any time of year and spreads it's own positive energy. What could be more wonderful than greeting the day with a sunrise walk in the park filled with birdsong, across lawns covered in morning dew and watching the sun's rays peer through the trees? Throughout the day you can relax in the endless corners of parkland. Imagine how pleasant it is in the evening, with a good meal on the garden terrace, to enjoy a magical sunset hiding behind mountains or to end the day with a drink under ancient trees.

The Łomnica Museum Complex

The Łomnica Museum Complex that includes the Palace Museum and the Meeting Place "House of Prayer," is one of the most interesting tourist attractions of the region. A unique point on the map for the youngest and oldest explorers and lovers of historical mysteries. Learn about the fate of the palace's former inhabitants and savour the extraordinary atmosphere of the historic, authentic interiors of the palace's three floors. The multimedia exhibition "Three Centuries of Life at Łomnica Palace" will guide you through 18 rooms and present the moving story that played out within these centuries-old walls. In the reconstructed house of prayer - a former Evangelical church in Lower Silesia - you can admire the magnificent interiors of this unique piece of sacred architecture in Europe. You can learn about the interesting, extremely turbulent and yet little-known history of religion in the 17th and 18th centuries, which led to the establishment of more than 200 such prayer houses in Lower Silesia, through the multimedia exhibition "Silesian Houses of Prayer - Silesian Tolerance".

In Every Season

The Majesty of Nature

Łomnica lies in a spectacular landscape. It is surrounded by three diverse mountain ranges, but is dominated by the Karkonoszy Mountains National Park - one of the oldest national parks in Poland. Hiking on the numerous trails allows you to discover an impressive mountain world with a distinctly alpine character. Waterfalls, impressive rock formations and boundless forests create a paradise for mountain explorers. Just beyond the borders of the estate, you enter the Janowickie Rocks Landscape Park. Picturesque landscapes; countless streams; mysterious rock formations; the famous 'Colourful Lakes;' the dark secrets of Miedzianka, the town that disappeared, and breathtaking viewpoints will enchant you at any time of the year. The Kaczawskie Hills alongside their mysterious valleys with dormant villages, idyllic meadows and charming hills will take you to a fairy-tale world as if from another time. Here, everyone can become an explorer.

Traces of the Past

Unique Monuments

Our region plays host to a wealth of art and cultural heritage running from the Middle Ages through to the 20th century. You have an invitation to discover mysterious medieval castles like Chojnik, Bolków, Świny/Bolczów and Wlen. A Baroque pearl - the Krzeszów Basilica - one of the most important Baroque sacral buildings in Central Europe will take your breath away. The Churches of Peace in Jawor and Świdnica - two of the largest churches of half-timbered construction inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, will impress you with their impressive scale. The legendary Książ Castle, with its many mysteries, is a must-see. The giant dam in Pilchowice and numerous historic factories, bridges and railway tracks create a paradise for lovers of industrial architecture and the art of engineering of bygone eras. In almost every small picturesque village and town you will discover architectural treasures. At every turn, you will come across an architectural witness to a rich past.

A Must-See

Śnieżka Mountain

Śnieżka is a must-see for all visiting the Karkonoszy Mountains. This majestic mountain rises to 1,602 m above sea level, making it the highest peak in the Karkonoszy range. At the summit you'll find, among other things, the High-Mountain Observatory of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, a restaurant and the St. Lawrence Chapel from 1665. Find your way along picturesque trails of varying difficulty, and enjoy the view.

Łomnica - Heart of the Valley of Gardens and Palaces

Castles on the Polish Riviera

Łomnica Palace is located in the heart of the 'Valley of Palaces and Gardens' of the Jeleniogórska Valley, which is compared to the castles and chateaux of the Loire Valley in France. In an area of 100km2, there are more than 30 castles, palaces and manor houses at your fingertips. It is worth spending a day travelling by car or bicycle from castle to castle. The neighbouring palaces of Wojanów, Karpniki and Bukowiec are easily accessible from Łomnica. Or perhaps you would even like to discover them on foot? There is all the information you would need about this valley of palaces in our museum.

An Attaction for Big and Small Connoisseurs

The Lower Silesian Monuments' Miniature Park

Located in Kowary, the Lower Silesian Miniature Park gives visitors the opportunity to see the most beautiful monuments of Lower Silesia, including it's palaces, manors, churches, and even the old towns, all in one place. Reproduced in meticulous detail on a scale of 1:25, the buildings delight visitors with their authentic appearance. The tour is complemented by a guide who reveals the interesting stories that bring them to life.

A World of Glass and Crystal

The "Julia" Crystal Glassworks

The Karkonoszy region has been inextricably linked with the glass-making tradition since the Middle Ages. The rich history of the "Julia" Crystal Glassworks dates back to the 19th century and has continued to this day. Crystals from the glassworks are known throughout the world. This magical place reveals its secrets to numerous visitors, who have the opportunity to learn about the stages of crystal production and participate in interesting workshops. There is also an extensive selection of glass products for visitors to buy and remember this place forever.

The Most Closely Guarded Mine of the Communist Era

Podgórze Mine

The Podgórze Mine in Kowary mined uranium ore between 1950 and 1958. At that time it was the most closely guarded mine in communist Poland. Today, a 1,600-metre-long trail is open to visitors who want to find out more. You can rest assured knowing that the mine is constantly monitored and is safe to access. Due to the constant temperature of 8 degrees Celsius and 97% humidity, we recommend to take warm clothes with you when you visit.

In the Land of the Mountain Spirit

The Secrets of the Karkonoszy

"Karkonoszy Secrets" in Karpacz is a modern museum connected with the history and legends of the Karkonoszy Mountains. Visitors get an interactive insight into the unusual stories of the Spirit of the Mountains, herbalists living in Karkonosze and prospectors of minerals and natural riches - the Walloons. The museum is full of magic and was built on the spot where an unusual exhibit was found - the Mountain Spirit's Staff.

Viking Footprints in the Karkonoszy

"Wang" Church

This charming Evangelical parish church from the turn of the 12th and 13th centuries, was moved from Norway in 1842 after it was purchased by Prussian King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. Curiously, the construction of the church is made without the use of nails, but instead with the use of detailed wooden carpentry joints. The temple is still the meeting place of the local Evangelical parish and is a unique attraction in Karpacz.